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Andrew Elsegood

Andrew Elsegood

Andrew knows first-hand what it takes to succeed in today’s market.

Hardworking and determined, his energy and enthusiasm for real estate is softened only by his warm and personable approach.

Having established businesses both large and small, local and nationally franchised, grasping market trends, understanding economic factors and delivering strong negotiation skills that turn potential transactions into successful sales.

Buying, selling, developing and leasing residential and commercial property is second nature to Andrew, along with his strong sense of community and desire to uphold a solid reputation.

As a client of Andrew, you benefit from his tried and tested wealth of real estate knowledge.

“I enjoy the negotiation process, and focus on good communication when dealing with both purchasers and vendors.” Andrew Elsegood.

However, selling property is not always straight forward, and sensitive situations can arise…

Whether it is a deceased estate or a partnership separation, in the caring hands of Andrew, delicate family matters are handled with understanding and empathy.

Non-English speaking clients can also make use of Chinese, Vietnamese, German and Greek translation services available through the Venn Millar office.

Sheree, Andrew’s wife, also a licenced real estate agent, assists when required. Acting as a team, they can offer premium customer service and support.

Make the call. Invest in a personable, real estate connection with a couple you can trust.



Residential and Commercial Sales.

Using latest Real Estate technology,

Strong presence on Facebook and LinkedIn,

Marketing your property,

Presentation of your property,

Working with a strong buyer database to find the perfect properties.

Combination Properties i.e. Farms/ Vineyards/ Business/ Stock and inventory/ large or small scale.

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